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Nicky Gumbel's mini-book explains effectively and concisely what Jesus said and did and why it matters today.  Why Jesus was written initially for people attending the “Alpha Course”.  It is now widely used as a simple to understand booklet that many churches give away to help enquirers understand what it is to be a Christian.

Norman Warren’s mini-book is a revised and updated classic, first published decades ago and is the Worlds best selling Christian tract (information leaflet).  Journey Into Life leads the reader through the steps needed to understand the concepts of sin and separation from God, why Jesus died to save us and what we can do to become Christians and live changed lives.

If you would like us to send you one of these mini-books please contact us through the Church Office and we will post you a copy.  

Please remember to tell us your address

Sorry Bibles are too large to post.

Paperback copies of the New International Version of the Bible which is a modern translation and widely used today are available at the church.  If you do not have a bible or do not have a modern translation please feel free to ask for one.  (Other modern translations may be available from time to time depending on availability).

We also have N.I.V. New Testaments in paperback.

Our only conditions is that you read it.

Cover may differ

                  Bibles & Mini-Books   

Copies of both mini-books and the paperback Bibles will be available at the church,  please ask.