St Augustine’s Church 2017


              Personal Faith & The Gospel

The word Gospel means good news.  The story of Jesus is told in the four Gospels of Matthews, Mark, Luke and John of the bible’s New Testament.

We at St Augustine’s want to share what we have personally discovered about being a Christian.  You can read the accounts in the Bible if you wish but to help you understand more about the Christian Faith and more importantly Jesus we have made available some resources.  

There are some articles written by a church member on this web site to help explain things.

Also two mini-books which we know to be very helpful “Why Jesus?” & Journey into Life” available at no cost.

If you don’t have a bible but would like to have a your own copy we do have paper back copies of a modern translation we can give you.

Want to talk with someone or ask for prayer?


Trying to make sense of the Christian message

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How to become a committed Christian

       Mini-Books & The Bible (at no cost to you)

Why? (Temp. Title, not active at present)

Videos which may help you understand



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